Saturday, 17 July 2010


This blog describes most of the elements of our successful conversion of NB Worcester to electric drive, using an on-board diesel generator to re-charge the drive batteries, with solar cells for final "top-up" and battery maintenance.

Since I have not found a way of re-arranging the postings in a sensible order, may I suggest you use the "labels" on the right to select which post(s) you wish to read - &/or to read them in a "sensible" order (A - S!) rather than reading them in archive order! (When you get to the bottom of a posting, click "home" to return to this page and the list of postings.)

I do apologise that the blog still contains typos despite careful editing... and I have deliberately chosen to often describe things at length and/or chattily since so often our success has come from the everyday detail!

I should perhaps admit that this conversion has proved a total triumph for our purposes - it really, seriously, works extremely well and we have now tested it in time and - thanks to amazingly adverse weather - in river conditions where we would not normally have expected to boat.. and it has performed entirely adequately.

Should you wish for further info, please leave comments on this page ....